Day 384 – Congratulations Kat


Our work-friend, Kat has finally been officially made a permanent citizen. So we get to keep her!


Day 383 – Cheeky Monday wines


Today is supposed to be the one day of the year that the most amount of people call in sick. As Mike was staying tonight, we awarded ourselves with some wine and a nice meal. I wish all Monday evenings were the same.

Day 382 – Sunday


After an afternoon in the pub watching Liverpool (almost) beat City. We returned home to watch the last episode of Homeland! AMAZING…. but I think we need to get out more!

Day 381 – Saturday night snacks


After a doing a massive workout this morning, I went on to drink a load of wine, eat chinese and most of this. A perfect Saturday night in!

Day 380 – Drinks with work


Whats funny boys?

Day 379 – Tramp reunion


A lovely catch-up with Pippa and Ashley.

Day 378 – Night in


I was supposed to be going to see Django tonight, but instead me and Mike stayed in. This is my burnt film-night popcorn 😦 It went in the bin.