Day 391 – Pancake day


Hilarious watching the house-mates attempt to cook them! This one ended up on the floor after being tossed!!

Out of a whole batch of batter I think they made 4 edible ones! haha.


Day 390 – Monday


Being lazy with a wine in hand and watching the flatmates work out. No motivation this week.

Day 389 – Cooking up a storm


A lovely Sunday afternoon spent baking & cooking. I made wheat-free cupcakes, beef bourguignon with celeriac mash and a lovely risotto for my lunch this week.

Day 388 – Claire’s Birthday


Drinks in the John Salt and Barrio North for Claire’s birthday.

Day 387 – Finally Friday


Drink at lunch, followed by drinks after work, followed by drinks at home and an early night. Welcome to the weekend.

Day 386 – Quite night in


Davina and a massive salmon salad.

Day 385 – Party in the Skyloft


Tonight I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party for Costa with Tassimo. The food and drink were lovely, and I took advantage. Even more impressive was the venue on the 28th floor, with almost a 360 view of London. 🙂